What’s in Store for 2025?

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by Sharon M. Kennedy

This is my prediction of what might occur in 2025 if DJT is elected and gets another swing at the Presidency. I’m going to cut it out and stick it on my fridge. As the months tick along, I’ll see how well I’ve done without the aid of a crystal ball.

January will see new skill sets required to work at the White House. Bullying and name-calling will be mandatory. Ethnic slurs will be perfected until even the victims agree with their abusers. Joe Biden and every member of his crooked family will be arrested. Immigrants will be transported to their homeland. Building the southern wall will continue until it’s so high no illegal can climb over it, so low none can crawl under it and so long none can swim around it.

By Valentine’s Day Obama Care will be just an unpleasant memory and any pharmaceutical executive who endorsed the plan will be publicly lashed. Doctors caught aiding women with life-saving procedures will be thrown in a dark pit with the women. Married gay couples who refuse to divorce will either be jailed or shot as the perverted degenerates they are.

Prior to St. Patrick’s Day, every newscaster, cable commentator and podcaster who spoke ill of the Donald while he was on hiatus will be incarcerated. Swallows will be forbidden to return to Capistrano. The swamp will be drained and even birds will become targets. All homely, overweight and outspoken women will be removed from local, state and federal jobs and remanded to Tasmania.

Before April 16, tax loopholes for the mega-rich will increase. The top 1% will forever be exempt from paying taxes but will continue to receive refunds and subsidies. The Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn will be regarded as a pagan ritual and be suspended. Cherry trees will be chopped down and their roots dug up and burned. Cherry blossoms are reminders of the strong affection between DJT and Putin. Folks with disabilities the president finds repulsive will be sent to Kalaupapa, aka, Leper Island where they will remain until they die.

Memorial Day parades in Washington will match any of those seen during Hitler’s reign and will be mandatory in every state. Wall Street crooks will be banished to Sing Sing along with their lyin’ Congressional and Lobbyist cohorts except those who helped put No. 47 permanently in the White House. Flag Day in June will be a national holiday. A shower of nuclear weapons will replace the usual Fourth of July fireworks.

Come August the U.S. will have withdrawn from NATO, and all aid to foreign countries will have ceased. Deals will be made whereby oil-rich countries will deliver barrels of oil to Mar-a-Lago to be kept in reserve for future Trump generations. Fracking will continue across sacred Indigenous land. Protestors will be jailed.

September will see public schools boarded up and replaced with charter schools. Trump masks will be the only ones sold, and children will be forced to leave bushels of Halloween candy at his front door. Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Wednesday. To boost the economy, Black Thursday will be added to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Merry Christmas will be the only holiday greeting allowed because White Christian Zionists will control Congress and make laws guaranteed to uphold and honor our leader.

And there you have it. DJT’s second term will MAGA. It’s time a dictator took the reins and led us into prosperity beyond our wildest dreams because, according to millions of voters, democracy has been a dismal and complete failure.

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