An Emotionally Terrorized Nation

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By Sharon M. Kennedy

Emotional terrorism is a term not often heard in our society. I became aware of it last week while having a casual conversation with a friend. As soon as I heard it, I thought it perfectly described a majority of Americans. People unconcerned about this type of terrorism are those who do not understand how dangerous it is. The wealthiest among us might feel untouchable, believing their walls of wealth will protect them when DJT becomes President. But will they?

Even the mega-rich might fear a strong man in the Oval Office if he does what Putin did to Russian oligarchs. According to an article by Greg Rosalsky, a reporter for NPR’s “Planet Money,” Putin offered them a deal: “Bend to my authority, stay out of my way and you can keep your mansions, super-yachts, private jets and multibillion dollar corporations.” He didn’t tell them that if they failed to do so their assets would be seized and they would either be forced into exile, die under mysterious circumstances or spend decades in Siberian prisons. To my way of thinking, such threats amounted to emotional terrorism.

Licensed psychotherapist, Judith Acosta, said she has counseled people who “Protect themselves by being nice to people incapable of returning the kindness. They hope for the impossible that all will be well if they say the right things, tilt their head the right way and defer at the right time.” We’ve seen this backfire the second loyal followers step out of line. Susan Forward, another noted psychotherapist, wrote, “The rules that apply to political terrorists are the same ones that apply to emotional madmen: There is no negotiating.”

The iron grip DJT has on the Republican Party is nothing less than extreme emotional terrorism. Forward refers to it as emotional blackmail. There appears to be very little difference between the two terms because the results are the same. By terrorizing the population through an endless repetition of lies, Trump frightens people into obedience. Republican politicians who oppose him face humiliation and the end of their careers. But it’s not just his base who blindly follow him. It’s also educated people who, despite knowing better, willingly accept his lies as truth and his reign as one favorable to them.

Trump is an emotional terrorist who captivated a populace eager for a reprieve from their daily worries of which there are plenty. His followers believe President Biden and the ultra-left are responsible for all their problems, their hardships, their hopelessness. This is not true, but it doesn’t matter. Once people become emotionally terrorized, they’ll do whatever it takes to appease the person who caused the terror. Because they’ve joined a tribe that welcomes them as heroes, they’ve abdicated the ability to think for themselves and make sound decisions.

In his New Hampshire speeches, DJT promised voters that when he is president he’ll cut their electric bills by 50 percent due to his “drill, baby drill” policy. He said he’ll continue cutting their taxes, but he didn’t tell them taxes would be cut only for the ultra-rich. Instead of giving a “normal” thank-you speech, he criticized Nikki Haley’s dress and invited a parade of Freedom Caucus members to the stage. We watched, and perhaps even laughed, as they vied for camera coverage.

Every voter in the U.S. is suffering from emotional terrorism and fatigue boarding on apathy. We’re bombarded with daily reports that frighten us because we don’t know what to believe. We’re emotionally trapped in an invisible pot of boiling water.

How will we escape? I don’t know. Do you?

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  1. I know the feeling and I am very discouraged with all our fellow citizens who seem to set the bar so low for our countries potential leader. At this point we are each still free to make the decision as to who to support, please choose wisely remembering who epitomizes “emotional terrorism” through their words and deeds!

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