Sharon Kennedy: Let’s get off Mr. Trump’s back

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Trump called on his supporters to send their contributions directly to his own committees in his first speech since leaving office. That call puts Trump at odds with the Republican Party’s existing political organizations, including the Republican National Committee and the party’s congressional campaign arms.

Fake news, alternative facts, media bias and suspicions that our former president is mentally unstable have all contributed to my state of confusion. I don’t know whom or what to believe anymore. I’m beginning to think Donald Trump isn’t getting a fair shake. I’m starting to agree with everything he says and I want everyone to get off his back. That alone scares me more than George Bush’s fake claim Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Obviously, I’ve become a victim of brainwashing. The endless anti-Trump campaign is grating on my nerves. Every day he’s getting bashed as if he had gained the presidency through a nonviolent coup instead of the Electoral College. So what if the Russians interfered in the 2016 election or Cambridge Analytica’s influence on “The Persuadables” had a digital hand in his victory? Nobody cares. He did a great job while in office. We know it’s true because he tells us every day.
As the Select Committee and their witnesses continue to pick on The Donald, my sympathy for him increases. He’s referred to as a childish, plate-throwing, incompetent nincompoop, unhinged and unfit for any enclosure other than a padded jail cell. He’s an ignorant egomaniac and the butt of many jokes, a disgrace to our country and a threat to our form of government. Committee witnesses infer he was behind the Jan. 6 insurrection and wanted to see Mike Pence swing from the gallows. I disagree.

Trump is a magician, a seal balancing on a rubber ball, a snake charmer, a con man, a brilliant red herring manipulator and an expert sword thrower. When in office, his genius was his ability to yell “fire” where there was no fire while he lit potentially devastating deregulation fires the populace didn’t pay the slightest attention to. He’s a Pied Piper, an unnatural force driven by an unnatural desire to reign supreme and walk his followers to the brink of destruction.

Why is he so popular? Ask any Regular Joe and he’ll ask you, “What’s not to love?” It’s the only response Joe has because he has no idea why he loves Trump. He just does, and therein lies my plea to get off the man’s back. The more we scream about his total and irrefutable contempt for history, science, truth, decency and democracy, the more his crowd sides with him. Americans love underdogs. We root for the guy who can take on the Establishment and beat it into submission. We overlook glaring flaws because we’re desperate to believe “everything’s gonna be great again.” Mind you, we didn’t realize things weren’t great until he came along.

How many more times will we hear his slogan before we wholeheartedly believe it? Brainwashing is easy and effective. Soon we’ll all fall in line and tell those Democratic, narrow-minded, ill-informed, tree-hugging Trump-haters to get off his back. He’s not perfect, but he’s a beacon of light in a dark world, a ray of hope in a failing democracy and a loving master to the crowd clinging to him for solace. Once we enter the magical, mystical world of Trump, we’ll understand the attraction. As we embrace the madness we may not realize our brainwashing is complete, but he will.

He’ll also know he or his designated survivor has been guaranteed another four years in the Oval Office come 2024. If that doesn’t awaken us from our Trump-induced stupor, nothing will.

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This article originally appeared on The Sault News: Sharon Kennedy: Let’s get off Mr. Trump’s back


  1. This is excellent as sarcasm.

  2. “so what if the Russians help to get him elected”. lol

  3. I believe that you have been drinking or lost. Do you know between right and wrong. Are you a dictator lover ?
    I believe that you need to remove the blinders so that you can see straight. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you must respect the rule of Law.
    As a retired soldier, I was taught to respect the rule of law and follow the orders of those appointed over me.
    To protect and defend the constitution of the United States against foreign and domestic.
    What happened in January the 6th should never happen again.
    You break the law, you pay the consequences.


  4. The only thing that you get right in your article is the great description of Trump… “He’s referred to as a childish, plate-throwing, incompetent nincompoop, unhinged and unfit for any enclosure other than a padded jail cell. He’s an ignorant egomaniac and the butt of many jokes, a disgrace to our country and a threat to our form of government…” I’ve read yet! of this loser! LOL!

  5. Trump belongs in a Prison Cell for Seditious Insurrection !!!
    Trump should be banned from Public Office for Life !!!

  6. What a sickening dumbass this women is !!!
    She, like Trump, is extremely DANGEROUS and should be kept away from
    keyboards. What does U.P. stand for ? Utterly Putrid ??

    God, will she and all Trumps’ minions just go away. Not until they destroy nature
    and take the last coin from the poor to insure billionaires become trillionaires.
    Guess they’re here to stay. Just go psychorehabilitate yourselves !! Pleeeeeesse !

  7. Here is a revelation… the people testifying against your “Orange Jesus” are those hired by Trump and worked most closely with him – and, write this down, testifying under oath… subject to surgery of they lie – your guy???

  8. Why do you “vet” your comments… Bril-yunt as always.

  9. Why not, instead, try him for the traitor he is and execute him for the crimes he’s perpetrated? That would make more sense. And while we’re at it, why don’t we apply the death penalty to white collar financial crime and notice the deterrent effect after a few worthy applications? Even in the dedicated consumer society we’ve become, this makes sense. Only the ignorant, or the corrupted claim blindness to it’s practices. Rot does not really contribute in this arena of Life.

  10. As soon as you start with fake news and alternate facts, it’s clear you have no ability to differentiate between fact and fiction. Furthermore, if you claim his presidency was wonderful, you are the brainwashed one. Sadly, you are rooting for the end of democracy and the start of a fascist dictatorship.

    The Jan 6 committee isn’t “picking” on Trump. It’s continuing to build a case on how corrupt and treasonous he was in office. If that’s confusing and the scheme to send alternate electors to Congress and to have a mob attack the Capitol and to spend over 3 hours watching the attack without making a single call for help – if all that doesn’t register, then you join Sidney Powell and Rudy in the crazy group.

  11. Please tell me what Biden/his administration has done to make your life better? Is it out of control inflation? Unaffordable food prices? Sky high gas prices? What? One may not like the narcistic, egomaniac, mean tweeting Trump, but nonetheless the country was in a lot better shape than it is now.

  12. You are really ill, mentally. This slop did it’s own daughter, and you support it like it had any human value at all. It has none. Might as well let Ted Bundy be president if you want to support slop like 45. You too must be aspiring to grand excess for the thrill of getting it.

  13. You wrote : “Obviously, I’ve become a victim of brainwashing.” “The endless anti-Trump campaign is grating on my nerves.”
    “So what if the Russians interfered in the 2016 election or Cambridge Analytica’s influence on ‘The Persuadables’ had a digital hand in his victory? Nobody cares.”
    It is obvious that you have been brainwashed to adoreTrump. Many others have seen through his autocratic nature and we do care about the many continuing investigations against him. Cheeto-Jesus is no substitute for real Jesus. Try to take the blinders off and open your eyes and ears. Anyone but Trump in 2024!
    Thank you.

  14. I APOLOGIZE!!!! THE THING DISGUSTS ME SO MUCH i TOTALLY MISSED YOUR TONE AND CONTENT, TWICE. I am so ashamed, and you did not deserve my ire, though I have more than enough to bury 45 miles deep. Please accept my apology, though there is no forgiving my ignorant actions. I am contrite and will now go vent some of the built up anger at watching a society of citizens become ignorant consumers.

  15. Sharon, ‘Fake News’ and ‘Alternative Facts’ are republican tropes meant to support Trmp. Please don’t claim them to mimic any reason to give in to Trmp.

  16. You are a columnist and you can’t tell. wow. The reason he did a great job is because he was constantly telling you what a great job he was doing. wrong. he set us back decades in the world.

  17. No matter who you are, you realize that The Donald is only popular at most with 1/2 of the people. He has always been loathed by the other half. The Jan 6th committee is accurately covering issues with his attempt to subvert the vote and disqualify the people who do not accept his incompetence.

    In the last election he lost the popular vote by a large margin.

  18. Sharon,
    Your not brainwashed, just merely ignorant of the facts. TK

  19. Robert (Bob) Tatum

    Your article is really on the mark. The left, the democrats, and their media enablers pounded President Trump every day for four years. The Wash Post had several negative articles and columns on him in every issue. Now some folks are condemning negative reporting on our current president, probably the same ones who happily carped at Mr. Trump.

    Yet despite the incessant criticism President Trump accomplished a lot of good. Much of the bad news of today would not have occurred had he been re-elected.

    Thank you.

  20. Phyllis Barkley

    As a retired alcohol and drug counselor, and social worker, I can assure you that we who oppose Trump could stand on our heads and spit nickels and would still never reach the people who have chosen Trump to be king. Getting off his back is not going to make a difference. People with rational brains want him to be punished for inciting an insurrection and not stopping it which resulted in a Capitol policeman, Brian Sicknick being murdered. Trump needs to be charged with manslaughter for doing nothing to prevent this officer’s death and for plotting to overturn our fair and free election. Further, if Trump’s crowd could have located VP Pence, he would have been the victim of a public hanging. Trump helped the 1% ers and gave people the voice to hate people of other races and to try to keep out immigrants on which our country was founded. Some of his own people such as those contributing to the Wall Street Journal and New York Post have now stated he is not fit to run our country. FOX news recently interviewed and did not dispute Liz Cheney, a conservative Republican, for her answers to the FOX interviewer. The other Republican on the January 6 hearing, Adam Kinsinger, also a Republican, is a former fighter pilot, who now continues to serve our country as a Lt. Col in the reserves. If people are watching or have watched the hearings, they would hear many of those connected to Trump say they could no longer support his lies. I’m with them and I’m not going to stop speaking out.

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