Michigan Sunshine Gets in My Eyes

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by Sharon M. Kennedy

Even as a young child I either closed my eyes or shielded them from sunshine. It wasn’t that I didn’t love the warmth of the yellow orb in the sky. It was because its brightness hurt my eyes. I don’t remember when I started wearing sunglasses every month of the year, but I do know it was a long time ago. Unless it’s a really overcast day, I still wear them when other people wouldn’t consider such a thing.

Today was a perfect example. Although the sun is now hidden behind cloud cover, when I went outside to check my mail a few hours ago, there was a hint of sunshine so I put my Walmart sunglasses over my prescription spectacles. On the rare occasions when I leave home and forget to put sunglasses in my purse and the sun comes out, I freak out until I remember I keep a spare pair in the glove box of my car. That’s when I breathe a sigh of relief, reach for them, and all is well.

Okay, I know my sensitivity to sunshine isn’t going to matter to anyone except me. I just thought you might enjoy a few photos and a well-earned rest from my political comments. Have a great day on the 15th when firearm deer hunting season begins. You’ll be pleased to know I got rid of all my old photos of dead deer hanging from our maple tree. Had I known I might want to post them someday, I would have kept them, but alas, such is life and the unknown future. I hope you get your buck the old-fashioned way instead of picking one off as it dines on the sugar beets and carrots it thought you fed it out of kindness.

Sharon and Jude with a cat



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