When the Family Farm is Gone

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By Sharon M. Kennedy

For a gal who was raised on a farm, there’s nothing quite as silent and nostalgic as an empty barnyard. The barn in these pictures, once so full of life, no longer exists. When I took these photos in the 1970s, the milk cows had been sold, but the barn still stood as did the old house and the building between the two we always called the “red shed.” I don’t remember it being painted red, but perhaps it had been at one time. I simply don’t recall. No matter. All the buildings are gone now. Trees have overtaken the ground where they once stood.

Empty barnyard on my dad’s farm

Whenever I came home from Detroit for a visit, I brought my Vivitar with me and took pics of the old homestead. I had no idea that one day there would be such a thing as the www and I would be sharing my memories with anyone who cared to look at them. Odd, isn’t it, this thing we call life. Its twists and turns are a mystery to me. I suppose we’re not meant to understand it. Perhaps it has no significance at all. Perhaps our years are merely an emotional jungle we chop our way through until we reach the Great Unknown and step into eternity. Such are my thoughts on this lovely autumn afternoon.

House, red shed, & barn

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