Donald J. Trump: The leader of ‘Simon Says’

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Sharon Kennedy
Community Columnist

“Simon Says” was a silly game from my youth. There wasn’t much to it. It involved no technology and could be played anytime, anywhere. There were no age or monetary requirements, and everyone was welcome. In fact, the more players the better. This was especially true if the kids liked taking orders from Simon. Anyone could be the leader. The game could just as easily have been called “Tony Says” or “Darlene Says” because gender wasn’t an issue. A Google search revealed the original Simon was the Roman politician, Cicero, and people did as he said. Throughout the ages, “Cicero Says” morphed into the name of the game today.

Some readers might remember it. There’s even a slight possibility some still play it. They just don’t know it because Simon is no longer calling the shots, Trump is. And his commands must be obeyed to the letter. When Trump says “jump,” his loyal followers jump. When Trump says “riot,” a bevy of them head for the Capitol. When Trump says “bring me boxes,” they bring boxes. If participants fail to do as commanded, they’re kicked out of the game. They sit on the sidelines and cannot rejoin until they promise absolute obedience.
Sharon Kennedy, a local columnist who is often featured in the Sault News and Cheboygan Daily Tribune.

The current rules are somewhat different from the ones I remember, but the results are much the same. If Simon merely said “get me a judge” without adding the word “says,” the kids who didn’t listen and brought a judge would be ejected. They’d be on their own until there was only one kid left standing. If Simon didn’t want to relinquish his hold as leader, he would keep throwing out commands until he finally outwitted the last player at which time a new game would begin and Simon would maintain his position of power.

But some kids would tire of the same Simon. They’d wise up to his tricks and head for home. They’d accuse him of not playing fair. They wouldn’t call him a bully, because we didn’t say that word. We used terms like “Big Shot” or “Show Off” or “Loud Mouth” to describe a know-it-all. Now don’t get excited if you think it’s good to obey the command of such despotic leaders as Simon and Trump. You’re entitled to your opinion, as faulty as it might be. I’m merely saying that it’s not always wise to follow a leader no matter how entertaining he appears to be. Good can quickly turn to evil. Just ask the parents of the kids who lived in Hamelin. Don’t recall that town? Read the Pied Piper’s story.

Different versions of it exist, but they all end the same. Children followed the Piper and were never heard from again. He was mad because he wasn’t paid what was due him for ridding their town of rats. His revenge was stealing their children. In the current situation, Trump is mad because he drained the swamp but his subjects didn’t vote him back into office so now he’s creating a legal stink. I suppose I’m stretching this analogy, but when a game is carried too far, the end result can lead to mutiny against a leader.

Kids mutinied if Simon stayed around too long. The same is happening now to people intelligent enough to realize their leader is a crook. Time will tell what fate awaits Trump if his minions continue testifying against him. He might be the last one standing. We just don’t know where.

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